Satan’s Schoolgirls

girl silhouette.jpgI should mention this, shouldn’t I? The observant amongst you, Readership, will have noticed the ranty banner at the top of the page. Let’s reiterate the message. For the first time, the entire text of my first novel, the St. Trinian’s meets Lord of The Flies mashup Satan’s Schoolgirls is available, gratis, free and without charge. Click on the link, or here, to send a PDF copy flying to your downloads folder.

Would you like a copy in ePub, or as a Kindle file? That’s in the works, as is the ultimate aim – a paperback version. This will be print on demand, most likely through the lovely people at Createspace, and is – well, imminent. For the meantime, enjoy the story. Please, give me feedback. I’d love to know at which point you feel it all went horribly wrong.


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Writer. Film-maker. Cartoonist. Cook. Lover.

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