The October Speakeasy: Comics Special!

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We love comics. We read comics. And in this edition of the Speakeasy, we talk about comics. At length.

We review the best new books that The Dice Of Fate allowed us to look at in Spetember, and take an extensive look at the career and works of Frank Miller: the good, the bad and the very, very ugly.

Plus we amp up the geeky with a D100 and generally do what we do. Read along, whydoncha?

Hootin’ Holleration! It’s the Funnybook edition of the X&HT Speakeasy!

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Holy Heck: The Fall Of Frank Miller

It’s never good to watch your heroes fail. When you base your art and your writing style on the work of a man that you worship and respect, only to find that he is only human, and the sort of person you’d go out of your way to avoid at a party, then the hit is even harder. Somehow, his mistakes rebound on you. All of a sudden, people pop out of the woodwork, saying how they’d known that the guy was a jerk for years, how his work was a clear indicator of his inner malaise. All of a sudden, you look like a fanboy and an idiot.

That’s what I’m going through at the moment, Readership. Because my all-time comic hero Frank Miller has apparently just outed himself as a close-minded, ill-informed rightwing jagoff.

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