Martian Chronicles: X&HT Saw John Carter

It all comes down to preference. Critics will view a film, particularly one based on a long-standing franchise, in a certain way, fans in another. The general public will largely stay away, not willing to spend time on a property that requires knowledge of a back-story, or investment in a main character that may not be to their liking in the first place. It’s a common story that has bitten many potential money-spinners hard, and Andrew Stanton’s lush, expensive version of Edgar Rice Burrough’s Barsoom books has suffered more publicly than most this year. Which is a shame. Because there’s an awful lot to enjoy.

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Of Mars: X&HT Saw A Preview Of John Carter

2012 marks the hundred-year anniversary of the first appearance of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Barsoom stories. It’s fitting that 2012 should also see the first big-screen adaptation of the tales, brought to life by Wall-E director Andrew Stanton. At a preview event in London last night, X&HT were among the few to catch a proper first look at clips from the film, and a chance to chat to John Carter hisself, Taylor Kitsch.

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