Done A Mix

431F8AD0-9E43-445C-8C75-929D090185D0.jpgYesterday, the popular link-forwarding site Reddit was asked to generate a list of songs to get you out of bed and moving on a Monday morning. The response was – shall we say enthusiastic? As I had some spare time, I decided to plug those results into Spotify, and ended up with a mix that will last you through most of the day.

It’s here, and it’s collaborative, so if there’s anything you think should be added, go right ahead. Usual Spotify caveats apply – no Beatles, but then that’s true of digital media in general. No Led Zep either, as far as I can tell. I’ve tried to keep the list to one song per artist, and I should stress these are not my choices, so don’t be raggin’ on me about the Phil Collins, mmmmkay? However, in general I think it’s a great list, and will work for any day you need to get your lazy ass out of bed and getting the day by the short hairs.

(If anyone doesn’t have Spotify yet, and would like an invite, hit me up in the comments. I have plenty to spare, and it’s a service that’s worth a look.)


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2 thoughts on “Done A Mix”

  1. Morning! I’m afraid your link is broken. It has decided that Phil Collins is not what you need after a night spent sampling the Christmas whiskeys. Can you fix it?

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