The Word is Out On Frightfest From The Gruesome Twosome

This weekend is one of the most important in the horror calendar. The August Bank Holiday is home to Frightfest, the five-day smorgasbord of shivers, the feast of fear, the cornucopia of chills that sits at the bleeding heart of London’s Leicester Square.  

Frightfest the 13th is bigger than ever, with nearly 100 films spread over five days and three screens. So the question is, how by all the nether gods do you navigate all that? What’s your gameplan, pilgrim?

Fret not, fear fan. There is a way.

X&HTeam-mates Leading Man Clive and Mightily-Tashed Stu have come up with the goods, whether you’re a neophyte or a seasoned veteran. They’ve started up a podcast, The Gruesome Twosome, through which they discuss all things horror. The first season of five episodes focusses exclusively on Frightfest. They have all the scuttlebutt. What to see, what to try out, what you absolutely cannot miss even if you have to sell your sainted granny’s soul to Pazuzu The Unforgiving to snag a ticket. There are tips for first-timers, and the all-important guide to surviving five days and nights of horror without your brain going pop. There’s ten years worth of knowledge here, and you would be a fool to ignore it. 

But hey, enough of my yakkin’. Let’s let Clive and Stu take us by the hand and lead us down into the darkness…









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