Tomorrow Is Z-Day

Tomorrow in Reading, the undead are rising.

You think you'll be ready. You think you're prepared. But when the hammer finally falls, when there's no more room in hell, you realise that you left something to chance, and the zombie horde are coming for you.

We can help with that. Reading Libraries' Z-Day is an event dedicated to helping you get your head around all things zombie. There are workshops on basic survival, a Night Of The Living Dead For Kids and some great sounding presentations on playing (un)dead and the freakish creature known as the Tokoloshe. I will be delivering a dose of zombie literature. I'm reading the opening sequence from The Key To The Gates Of Hell, as an introduction to the world that I'm quietly building in the pages of The Dead Files.

Speaking of which, I'll also be bringing along copies of both volumes to sign, as well as UKZDL and BZDL badges. I also hope to share some exciting news about volume 3–the Christmas Special, and the future plans for the League, Verse Publishing. You think we've done a lot in 2012. 2013 is going to shear the top of your head off with amazement. With luck, there should be a couple of other Dead Files authors on hand, so now's the chance to pick up a collectableZ-Day treat for yourself.

I'm appearing on the final panel of the day as well, about top zombie moments on film. If anything, I'm more nervous about this than the reading. I think we'll have a few surprises for you.

If you're in Reading, get your ass down to Battle Library in Oxford Road and join in the grisly fun. I'm reading at 1:30, and the final panel is at 4, but there's plenty on through the day.

Be prepared. Join us.




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