Get Ready For Film Riot!

Yes, I know it's not Christmas yet, but I have some news about an event coming up in the New Year that I'm excited to share.

Ology, a nested set of online communities, has asked me to curate a week of their Film Riot series. It's started this week with a discussion on the 5 writers and directors you'd most like to have dinner with.

I'm up in week four, where I'll be leading a chat entitled The Best Of The Worst. I want to highlight my top 5 movie villains. I hope you agree with my choices. Actually, I hope you don't. I hope you have your own ideas, and I want you to get over to Ology and browbeat me about them.

Best Of The Worst kicks off on January 7th. You can sign up by clicking on the Ology logo below, or by heading over to and joining Filmology. Hope to see you over there!




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