The Final Word On Out Of Hours?

An unexpected treat from the Raindance screening of Out Of Hours.

Last year was a hella year for Leading Man Clive. His short film, the tight urban thriller Out Of Hours had its premiere at the Raindance Festival back in September. But the promo work he did for it is only just starting to make its way out into the bloggosphere, Twitterverse and Facebooktown.

Behold, Readership, the interview that Clive and co-writer/producer Stuart Wright recorded for Raindance TV. Short, snappy and filled with good stuff… just like the film.


If you're interested in finding out more about the filming of Out Of Hours, Stu and I put together a fairly comprehensive shooting diary between us. If you like low-to-no budget film-making, they're worth your time.

DAY ONE: Available Light

DAY TWO: Darker Light

DAY THREE: God's Own Light

DAY FOUR: Final Light

DAY FIVE: Fading Becomes Extra Light



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