M Is For Makeover: Vote For Mike Tack!

Politics is a place for monsters.

We all know it. It’s been described as Hollywood for ugly people, an arena where the most awful of people can get themselves a name, a platform, a fortune and worst of all… power. Just look at Nigel Farage (if you must).

Mike Tack’s latest film looks at the world of politics, and asks a simple question: how much of a monster do you have to be to get into power? M Is For Makeover is a pointed satire that spears a political system that is utterly in thrall to outside interests, and pushes the notion of lobbying into a very interesting place.

There are echoes of Stephen King’s The Crate, a hint of the end of Raiders Of The Lost Ark, and nods to satires like Brian Yuzna’s Society: the notion that the rich are simply not like the rest of us. Look under the skin, look into their eyes, and the inhumanity of those in government becomes very, very clear indeed.

M Is For Makeover is in the running to be included in the second ABCs Of Death film–and that’s where you come in, Readership. The film needs votes and Facebook Likes to make it into the final selection. I’m not going to claim any kind of neutrality here. Mike Tack is a friend who just happens to be a film-maker with a mission and a talent. The film also features a star performance from our very own Leading Man, Clive Ashenden, who quite literally gets into his role.

Check out the film below, then use your social media muscle wisely. This autumn, vote Tack. You know it makes sense.

Like it? Of course you do. So, here’s where you make a difference and support an up-and-coming film-maker who knows how to make the most out of a tiny budget.

Go to the M Is For Makeover page on the ABCs of Death site, and hit up the LIKE button above the film. Your vote will make a difference. You have until Halloween. Go get it done.




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