Best of 2011: Clive’s Picks

Stepping up to the challenge next is Leading Man Clive, who’s dropped a decent size list of goodness. Some of his music tips are amongst my best of 2011, and I’m gratified to note one of my favourite albums of all time as his rediscovery of the year.

Best Films:

1) ‘Kill List’ – wr./dir. Ben Wheatley

2) ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’ – dir. Thomas Alfredson; wr. Bridget O’Connor & Peter Straughan (from the novel by John LeCarre)

3) ‘Drive’ – dir. Nicolas Winding Refn; wr. Hossein Amini (from the novel by James Sallis)

4) ‘Troll Hunter (Trolljegeren)’ – dir. André Øvredal; wr. André Øvredal and Håvard S. Johansen

5) ‘Tyrannosaur’ – wr./dir. Paddy Considine

6) ‘Source Code’ – dir. Duncan Jones; wr. Ben Ripley

7) ‘The Big Picture (L’homme qui voulait vivre sa vie)’ – dir. Eric Lartgau; wr. Eric Lartgau & Laurent de Bartillat and Emmanuelle Bercot & Bernard Jeanjean (from the novel by Douglas Kennedy)

8: ‘Limitless’ – dir. Neil Burger; wr. Leslie Dixon (from the novel ‘The Dark Fields’ by Alan Gynn)

9) ‘The King’s Speech’ – dir. Tom Hooper; wr. David Seidler

10) ‘Midnight In Paris’ – wr./dir. Woody Allen

Best Albums:

1) Metronomy – ‘The English Riviera’

2) Bon Iver – ‘Bon Iver’

3) White Denim – ‘D’

4) Fleet Foxes – ‘Helplessness Blues’

5) Elbow – ‘Build A Rocket Boys!’

Best Music Downloads/Singles:

1) Metronomy – ‘The Look’

2) Mariachi El Bronx – ’48 Roses’

3) Lana Del Rey – ‘Video Games’

4) Bon Iver – ‘Holocene’

5) Kill It Kid – ‘Pray On Me’

6) Ladytron – ‘Mirage’

7) Little Dragon – ‘Ritual Union’

8: The War On Drugs – ‘Baby Missiles’

9) Airship – ‘Kids’

10) Colourmusic – ‘Tog’

Film Re-discovery of the Year:

Le Samourai – dir. Jean-Pierre Melville; wr. Jean-Pierre Melville & Georges Pellegrin (from the novel ‘The Ronin’ by Joan McLeod)

Music Re-discovery of the Year:

Talk Talk – ‘Spirit of Eden’

Book Re-discovery of the Year:

No Flowers For Algernon’ by Daniel Keyes

Film I’m Looking Forward To Most in 2012

‘Haywire’ – dir. Steven Soderbergh; wr. Lem Dobbs


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