If I Had A Pound: DocoBanksy Goes West

It’s been an interesting few weeks for the international art-seditionist DocoBanksy. A screening at the opening night of the Portobello Film Festival of his film was followed by a nomination for Best Documentary. Sadly, the bribes and threats didn’t work, but there are other festivals. Check here first for announcements of upcoming screenings.

Meanwhile, he has settled down a bit. The gypsy life has been getting Doco down, so he’s shuttered the base hidden in the caldera of a dormant volcano somewhere in Peru, sent the converted tanker that’s been cruising the South Atlantic down for scrap, and rediscovered the quiet life. He’s settled down with muse and constant companion Lady Dem in one of Britain’s great creative hubs.

DocoBanksy has moved to Bristol.

He’s already seen the advantages of the place. It’s buzzing with clever artists of all hues and skills, and nurtures a quiet yet fearsome independence. To that end, when he found out about the upcoming release of the Bristol Pound, a local currency designed to support Bristol businesses, he knew there was a promotional opportunity to be had.

Tell you what, let’s let the man tell it in his own words.

So what was I meant to say, no!? Simon Ellis, who runs a market stall in Bristol’s Saint Nicholas’ Market, said I could display some promotional items for the film on his stall.

I popped down to meet Simon and showed him my wares. He liked what he saw. I of course like the docoBANKSY promo notes and scratchcards. They look even better framed!

Of the three items I displayed my favourite has to be the uncut sheet of Banksy’s Di Faced tenner. Are they real, does it matter? How was I able to get them printed?

It did not take long to get set up. The council and people behind the Bristol pound had no problem with the dococam being there.

I wanted to capture people’s reactions to the Di Faced tenners. Simon’s idea was that we were presenting an alternative to the Bristol pound. Banksy possibly presented the first version of the Bristol pound with the Di Faced tenner back in 2004 when they were first produced.

The best reaction to the notes had to be two guys from Russian TV filming what they saw. What did they make of what they saw? Nobody asked any questions of what was on display. I placed a simple note inviting people to ask questions about what they were seeing.

The items I showed will be back on Simon’s stall soon, so if you are interested pop down to Saint Nick’s market in Bristol city centre and see what you make of them.

Here’s some pics of the day. And just a warning: DocoBanksy stickers are not yet legal tender, unlike the Bristol Pound. Next time you’re in the area, why not pick some up?


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