…And This Is Me

Here’s something for all you new followers out there. its-all-about-meIt’s gratifying to see a bunch of new followers arriving in 2013, and I figure it’s well overdue for a proper introduction. Therefore, even more than usual, a couple of posts this week are all about little old me.

Now, much as I love to toot my own horn (quiet at the back there) in this case I’m lucky enough to have someone else to do it for me (I SAID QUIET!). Kate Atherton is a good friend and a talented blogger. Amongst her many accomplishments is For Winter Nights, a book blog that focusses on her passions; historical fiction, YA fantasy and SF. She very kindly sat me in a on of our favourite pubs in Oxford, bought me a beer, and persuaded me to start talking about myself. Never a hard job. She recorded and transcribed the lot, and the end results are up on her blog now.

If you want an insight into my writerly life, and my future plans, then I strongly suggest you go and give her your attention.

For Winters Nights: An Author Profile Of Rob Wickings


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