The Thing About Zombies

Halloween is upon us. Let’s make sure we have the information we need to survive a night that’s dark and full of terrors.

THE THING ABOUT ZOMBIESIn my capacity as a contributing editor for The Dead Files, and an officer for the United Kingdom Zombie Defence League, I know a little bit about the walking dead. So, as Halloween looms, I figured it was time to share my knowledge around a bit.

In association with Verse Publishing, I have a free e-book release for you. The Thing About Zombies collates work I’ve done over the years for the UKZDL on the cultural and historical impact of the living dead. Why have zombies become so popular? What is it about the risen dead that has us so fascinated? In The Thing About Zombies, I hope to answer those questions, or at least make things a little clearer.

The Thing About Zombies is available as a free download at Verse Publishing. Go grab it now.

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