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In a break to our regular schedule, I wanted to shout out to some of our X&HTeam-mates.

One of the nice things about doing this blog are the connections that you make along the way. I’m lucky enough to be friends with some very clever and creative people, so it’s only fair that I make some noise when they do cool stuff.

Following on from last week’s Captain America piece, I noticed that Chris Rogers has also put in the hours to post his own in-depth overview of the Sentinel Of Liberty’s most recent escapades. With a focus, as ever, on the architecture and tradecraft on display, it makes for a fascinating read.

America In Winter: Who Watches The Watchmen?

Longtime chum of the site Simon Aitken is currently on his second run of fund-raising for his portmanteau exploration of the ways of the heart on the 21st century, Modern Love. He’s come up with a neat idea. On April 16th, if you want to dedicate the film to a loved one, you can do so for the bargain price of one English pound. How’s that for the gift that goes on giving? For more info, check out his Indiegogo page for the project, and drop the guy a bit of cash, whydoncha?

Modern Love at Indiegogo

Simon recently talked to our chum, writer and film-maker Stuart Wright, on his Britflicks podcast about Modern Love and the unusual way in which he’s funding it. Britflicks is always worth a listen (keep yours ears open for an upcoming appearance from yr humble author) and this episode serves as a fascinating insight into the trials and joys of modern low-budget film-making.

Britflicks: Simon Aitken

Meanwhile, Stu’s latest short, Tabloid Terry, received its first screening this week as our chums at BraineHownd Films hosted their popular monthly film night. They’ve changing things up with a two-venue approach, based at The Art House (Crouch End’s only independent cinema) and The Hob in Forest Hill. It’s been too long since I covered a BraineHownd event – expect to see a report from one of the two new bases of operations soon!

BraineHownd’s Facebook Page

As for Excuses And Half Truths… Clive and I are also shifting things around a bit, moving The Speakeasy out of stinky old Soho and into a shiny new home in Clerkenwell. The first show recorded there will be our Summer Movie preview, dropping in May, which also marks the first anniversary of the show. How time doth fly.

In the meantime, watch out for our epic concept album podcast with Stu, which will make an appearance on your feeds next week. Don’t forget, The Speakeasy is available through iTunes, SoundCloud and for download at the links above and below.

The Speakeasy on iTunes

The Speakeasy on Soundcloud 

Phew. Blimey. I think that’s it. Did I miss anyone? 


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