The Cut – Issue 13

Thirteen weeks of this foolishness! The smart move would be to bail while there’s a scrap of dignity left to wrap around our scrawny thews. But no, that is not how we operate, as well you know. Therefore, o our Readership, the luck is all good for you. Enjoy this week’s slumgullion of linky loveliness.

Come on, we’re all friends now. Say it with me.

Now is the time. Here is the place. This is The Cut.

Jonathan Harris, aka Money Burning Guy, has long been a feature on our Twitter stream. Discordian, magician and adherent to the erasure of toxic money to our psychic well-being, Jon is always thought-provoking, controversial and hugely entertaining. His account of a modern pilgrimage to the site of the Large Hadron Collider contains, frankly, multitudes. This is a long read. Make time for it.

Gods, we miss the cinema. This Little White Lies piece on the magic of the only church we’d pay for says a lot about the joys of communally sharing an experience in the dark.

Less sniggering in the back row, thank you.

This one goes out to all the home workers. All of you in your business up top/sleepwear underneath Zoom-wear, trying to deal with a small human meltdown in the middle of a big meeting. More specifically, all of you who have had the furbaby in your life plant their fuzzy ass on the keyboard at just the wrong time—know that you are recognised and understood.

We feel it’s important for all of you to realise how unusual these times are. Any response to The Situation that doesn’t involve violence or weapons discharge in the early hours of the morning is valid. This one is for all of you staring bleakly at an empty page or a blinking cursor. It’s OK. You don’t have to build something right now. Gods know, The Cut is just a week’s Internet browsing in a palatable format. It’s better than nothing, but only just.

Our second LWL link this week, but this is a goodie. Based on their Food And Film issue, here’s a gathering of some of the best food moments in movie history. Dunno about you folks, but we’re building up an appetite…

Right. Cheese. Cheese is important. Cheese is the reason Cut Command is not vegan. Plant milk is fine. Eggs can go back up where they came from. Cheese—yeah, sorry, that gets Rickrolled. The New Yorker looks at how unusual cheeses can slip off the table and into memory—and what can be done to bring them back!

More from the New Yorker and further cheesiness. Queso, that gloopy spicy blend of spray cheese and chili is a joy in the right circumstance. It can really pull a plate together. But, as with so much else these days, failed appropriation can lead to a bad taste in the mouth for all concerned…

We’re into the simple pleasures bit of the post. We loved this story from Outside magazine on a couple of pals who put everything, including their friendship, into building a cabin on a remote site in Washington state. Those of you who enjoy a bit of Kevin McCloud and Grand Designs will find much pleasure here… Atogther now—‘we plan to be in by Christmas!’

In another attempt to narrow down our potential audience, we present a lovely piece on the design of Lego control panels. Seriously, if you have any interest in user experience or good design in general, there may be something in here for you.

If you don’t like Lego, you’re dead to us anyway.

The Ninth Art Correspondent pulls a buzzkill…

I struggled long and hard on whether to post this very long and very detailed post on the ugly downfall of comics superstar Warren Ellis. Part of that comes from not quite wanting to believe a writer whose work you have followed and enjoyed for years turns out to be a complete horror show. But hey, here we are in a year where everything you know is flipped. Ellis’ behaviour is, of course, just a symptom of the larger problem staining the entertainment business as a whole. I hoped comics creators were better than that. Seems I was wrong. More fool me, which is one of the main reasons for posting this. I learned things I didn’t want to, but I should not be afraid of opening up to it, learning from it and trying to do better.

I post this with a big fat TRIGGER WARNING for sexual exploitation and a huge SNARK ALERT for the tone. There’s an element of “oh, I thought everyone knew’ in this that rubs me up wrongly—the revelation of Ellis’ skeeviness came as a horrible shock to me. Nonetheless, this is important writing on an important topic. But I do understand if you want to slide past it. I read it and felt the need for a long shower and a hard, cleansing cry afterwards.

Full disclosure: I own a significant proportion of Warren Ellis’ work, including his novels, novellas and limited edition projects. I was also, briefly, a member of the Freakangels message board, an offshoot of the increasingly infamous Warren Ellis Forum. I really didn’t fit in.

urrgh. Right, That’s enough of that. I was delighted to get an actual tip land on the Ninth Art desk this week from our long time pal Leading Man Clive. He writes…

My recommendation is a FREE weekly web comic called ‘Lavender Jack’. Written & Drawn by Dan Schkade. Set during the early 1900s in an alternate reality Europe, you’ve got characters who seem to be based on pulp archetypes: a rich dilettante with a double life as a vigilante; the world’s greatest detective; an aristocratic husband and wife team who bear a strong resemblance to Tarzan and Jane. But it’s all given a witty and diverse twist. Art is reminiscent of Herge and Will Eisner, and the less heavy side of Alan Moore (Tom Strong, The League of…) for the writing. The first ‘story arc/season’ is finished, and it’s about halfway through the second one. I bloody love this! 😍 At present, I’m trying not to binge it all, and savour the joy… Nothing grimdark here. This is light and fun. I think this may be your jam.

He’s so right. If you’re also a fan of Darwyn Cooke or Batman: The Animated Series you are in for a treat here. Webtoon is so stuffed with content that it’s often difficult to winnow out the choice grains. This one is chewy and delicious. Thanks, Clive!

(The Cut Tipline is always open for recommendations, by the way. We ain’t proud. Just stick em in the comments. You know we love to hear from you, Readership.

For this week’s Exit Music we reached out to our muse, our life, our constant inspiration, TLC. She pulled her usual cut-through-the-bullshit move and simply suggested a red-hot summer classic. If you want cred points, mention that it was written by power-pop master and ex-Soft Boy Kimberley Rew. Feel free to blast this one out in the garden or park or just out the window this weekend.

See you in seven.


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