The Cut Season 3 Episode 2

Back to work, drones. You’ve had your fun, eaten and drunk your way through a skipful of vittles, slept in till noon, maybe had another nap in the afternoon in front of something on Netflix. Those days are over. Time to pull up the slack and get your noses back on the grindstone. The Prime Minister’s wallpaper bill won’t pay itself, you know.

Of course, we here at Cut Central know nothing of rest. Our ongoing mission to bring you juicy reads and tasty links is a twenty-four-seven operation. Sleep is for the weak. Let’s get to it.

Now is the time. Here is the place. This is The Cut.

Andy Miller is a man who likes his books. Like the Cut Crew, he is never happier than when he’s buried in an interesting read. He also likes to share his reading list on his long-running blog. Inevitably, in the weird world we find ourselves, that means a lot of people think he’s just showing off.

So many books, so little time for your Twitter beefs.

That first bit may have got your hackles up (it certainly did to the wordhounds on The Book Desk, who hissed and spat at the idea of wholesome reading habits somehow being objectionable). We need a moment of zen. Restore your equilibrium courtesy of French chef Jacques Pepin and his gently persuasive way with an allium.

Jacques Pepin Dices An Onion

Starting again after the Xmas break is hard. Getting up a head of steam has been a struggle for most of us. Getting out of bed has been an effort this week. We should be aware how unusual the times we live in are. Faced with a cold damp winter it’s OK to feel a little low in spirit and energy. Take your cue from the natural world and don’t feel you have to be on point all the time.

I’m not languishing… I’m dormant.

Food is still a balm to The Cut Crew, and we regularly gather to cook and eat together. The simple act of preparing and eating a good meal can mean more than simple sustenance. We loved this New York Times bit on how long-distance truckers in the US take the time and effort to put food on a plate that is good for the soul…

How Truckers Cook On The Road

One more from The Food Desk. Rice is the simplest of foodstuffs. A base for most cuisines around the world. Easy to cook, easy to flavour. Even if you burn it, deliciousness can be wrought. Many cultures understand and even embrace that apparent dichotomy. The burnt bit is the best bit.

The rice is scorched and that’s OK.

The New Year brings a fresh tranche of art arriving in the public domain. The best known character brought into the fold is A. A. Milne’s Winnie The Pooh (not, we stress, the red-shirted Disney version—different rules apply). There’s plenty of other works that are now free for you to play with as you choose. Let’s see what we can do!

Remix, rejig, repackage.

The human mind is an incomprehensibly complex feat of biological engineering. We still have little more than a working knowledge into how it allows us to interact so frictionlessly with the world and all its wonders. Should we be surprised, then, that given the right circumstances it can be very easily confused? Check out this list of the Illusion Of The Year award-winners, and prepare to have your mind blown a little.

Illusions Of The Year

We were saddened beyond measure at the passing of doyenne of comedy Betty White, a few weeks shy of her hundredth birthday. She packed a lot into a long, rich life. Use that lifespan as a measure of time, and Betty can give us a different perspective into how short humanity’s existence on the planet has been, once we offer up an uncommon metric of scale…

Betty White as a measure of time.

We will continue to honk on about Peter Jackson’s Get Back, to our minds one of the most completely satisfying feats of documentary film-making we’ve seen in a long time. It has so much to offer, particularly if you are of a creative bent. There are lessons to be learned in watching the Get Back sessions, and it’s not just about tea and toast. Although we could do with a serving of both right about now…

More Tea And Toast or Lessons In Creativity taken from the Get Back Sessions

Editor Rob had a cheery exchange of views with Reading’s ninth-most influential media figure, STiR, before Christmas. Ostensibly about the battle for Christmas No. 1 (sadly not won by our favourite, Kunt And The Gang), STiR made an excellent point about the one true punk to make it to the top slot. He’s not alone in viewing a certain pink-and-yellow monster as the real Lord Of Misrule…

Mr. Blobby: Agent Of Chaos

And finally. We promised you regular shots of fresh fiction to freshen up your reading list. Here’s the opening chapter to Designated Survivor by Jeffrey Somers. He’s going to post new episodes of the novel weekly on his blog. If you like what you see, keep it locked to his channel.

Designated Survivor

Some squelchy, synthy, lairy rock and roll for your Exit Music, from Warmduscher. Fatso is the first cut from their new album out in a few weeks. It’s glitter-and-dirt infused stomp which will stir the blood and get you in the mood to—well, get out of bed, at least. We can’t stay dormant for ever… can we?

See you next Saturday, sleepyheads.

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