The Cut Season 3 Episode 29

Hang on, wasn’t it the weekend like, three days ago? Is time speeding up? Is an etheric energy, formed from our collective desire to have done with the week, somehow having a dilatory effect on time itself? Or are we just really busy?

Regardless of how we got to this point, here we are. Thanks for joining us. We celebrate the life of a British comics great, talk burgers with Bob and enjoy not one but two burrito-themed links. Sink your teeth into this!

Now is the time. Here is the place. This is The Cut.

A necessarily sombre start to events, though, as we mourn the passing of Alan Grant. His work from DC Thomson into the new wave of boy’s comics would have been inspiration enough, but his storied contributions to The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic made him a true legend. He arguably wrote the greatest ever Judge Dredd story, America, which nails the comedy, darkness and pungent social commentary that still makes 2000AD a must-read today. His empathy and kindness to upcoming writers and artists would make him a steward to just about every major British funny-book talent you’ve heard of.

He will be hugely missed. Rest In Power, Alan.

So long, Alan.

OK, let’s lighten the tone. This bit from The Fence about ordinary citizens who share their names with famous and infamous people caused much amusement around the office, tempered with the realisation of what they have to live with every day. Wouldn’t you just—change it?

Names Have Power

We’re on record as to the restorative power of a stroll if we’re faced with an especially intractable piece of writing. There’s something about the process which seems to unstick the flow, or smooth the narrative wrinkle. Some call it The Thinking Path. We call it an excuse to pop to the pub for a swiftie.

Think I’ll Go For A Walk

The first of our burrito-based stories comes from the brilliantly named Jack Dire (please, let that be his real name) who posted an open letter to the chap who made his lunch and decided to go a little—off piste. There’s a time and a place for creativity. The construction of a burrito should be neither.

Dear Guy Who Just Made My Burrito

We’re still waiting for a UK screening date after which we can inhale The Bear, the hit drama of the season for all foodies. Taut, tense and tasty in equal measure, we want this show so bad it hurts. As an amuse-bouche, let’s take a look at the male phenotype at the heart of the show. Fans of the sainted Anthony Bourdain may recognise the figure. Question—can you have a female dirtbag bear?

Dirtbag Bear

This month, director Michael Mann is releasing a prose sequel to his iconic crime film Heat. The film features Los Angeles as a supporting character—unsurprising given Mann’s flair for architectural detail. Join us and location manager Janice Polley as we revisit some of the sites that gave Heat so much of its appeal. Oh, and we can recommend the sequel, even if you have to picture the sets in your head.

Heat Signatures

Mark E. Smith famously said of the band he ruled like a lizard king, ‘if it’s me and your granny on bongos, it’s The Fall.’ Certainly most music critics focus on Smith, his irascible stage and interview presence and impenetrable lyrics over anything else. Clearly this is nonsense and incredibly reductive of the many musicians who toiled under Smith’s iron-clad hand (often on the controls of their amps while they were playing). Simon Reynolds lays out the case for The Fallen…

The Sound Of The Fall

Right, back to burritos. We like to feel we can answer the big questions here at The Cut. The really important stuff, the thoughts which keep us all awake at night. At last, writer and burrito-monster John Scalzi can help us sleep soundly.

What Burrito Would You Feed A Dragon?

We have become really big fans of Bob’s Burgers. A family comedy with heart and a winningly surreal air which, helpfully, is also hilarious. The full-length Bob’s Burgers Movie has just dropped on streaming services, following a theatrical release which garnered glowing reviews. Little White Lies spoke to H. Jon Benjamin, the voice of Bob, on ensemble voice acting, the joy of animation and singing in character.

The Voice Of Bob

The geek-sphere has been buzzing with the news from this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, the big destination for fans of anything involving masks and spandex. It has become the venue to announce big new movie and TV news. 2022’s events included the announcement of Marvels tranche of movies and shows up to 2025 and sneak peeks at the Game Of Thrones prequel, House Of The Dragon. One key feature of the event which has been increasingly sidelined is, well, comics. Chloe Maveal teams up with Popverse to explore the show and finds out where the funny-books have gone.


And finally. For those of you who love The Ninth Art and want more tips on how to break into the industry (someday you too could be ignored by the crowds at SDCC!) we have just the thing. Chip Zdarsky, writer on books as diverse as Daredevil, Batman and Howard The Duck, has launched the first edition of his video masterclass. At last, it’s your chance to glean a fistful of crumbs from the king’s table. Chipclass 1 – Ideas gives out gold and expects nothing back but your unceasing devotion and loyalty.

We finish where we started—mourning the loss of a beloved entertainer. While not unexpected, the passing of Bernard Cribbins still stung when it was announced this week. He had been a part of our lives for so long, it seems strange to face the world without him. Part of two different iterations of Doctor Who, he was a star of stage, screen and radio for over 60 years, working almost to the end to bring a smile to kids and adults wherever he went. And yes, he was a pop star at one point too. We have a feeling you’ll know this one. So long, Bernard.

See you next Saturday.


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