The Cut Season 3 Episode 43

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Gwendolyn Sampson (1921-2022), Editor Rob’s maternal grandmother. A force for good in this world and sadly missed. So long, Party Nan.

In the face of this sad event and ongoing Nanowrimo responsibilities, we will again be running a reduced service this week. Please adjust your expectations accordingly.

Now is the time. Here is the place. This is The Cut.

As we rumble into the third, most difficult week of Nanowrimo, the need for creative sustenance becomes more important than ever. We found this set of tips from the great Ursula LeGuin to be both useful and nurturing. We hope, if you are Nanoing, that the journey continues to surprise and delight you. It’s more likely to be a grind at this point. Trust us, that will always be a part of it too.

The Daily Grind

Robin Rouse is writing a book. His notes on that process are becoming a fascinating study on everything from publishing to the creative act. In this section from his ongoing blog, Robin links some of the design cues he uses onto online newsletters and—hmm, let’s just say we might just have us some of that. We’re reminded a little of what Dave Pell has done with the iOS version of his NextDraft. Every section has its own page and you swipe through very much as you would do a magazine. Neat stuff and worth checking out if you have the wherewithal.

An Infinite Canvas

It is the season for Brunswick. Stew. Hearty, rich, rib-sticking and highly customisable. The base flavour is what makes it Brunswick—once you have it in place the recipe becomes yours. A pot of this could last a week. Handy if you don’t want food prep to eat too hard into precious writing time…

Brunswick Stew

Another banger from Chloe Maevel and The Gutter Review as she only goes and chats to sexy wizard Grant Morrison about a few of their core mid-90s strips! This period in British comics, as Crisis met Deadline with a Revolver— is a particular weakness for the Ninth Art Desk. A fertile and hedonistic time in which writers and artists felt they had the world on a stick. This article is so good. Chloe and Grant are clearly having such a laugh over the strips and memories.

A Kick In The Ballser

We love short fiction. That love extends to the short film, arguably a more difficult form to get right. There is so much story and character to cram into a compressed timeframe. Get it right and you’ve carved out a gem for the ages. The Script Lab have come up with a list of their Top Ten. We have to say, every one’s a winner.

We Like Short Shorts

In a stellar year for culinary drama, the good stuff just keeps on coming. The latest, a delightfully over-cooked horror/comedy from some of the team behind Succession, features Ralph Fiennes as a monstrous multi-starred chef, a bonkers tasting menu and a set of diners who have no idea what’s coming next. Let’s have a look at The Menu…

The Menu

There are some circumstances which need words or phrases not in the English language. Schadenfraude. L’esprit de l’escalier. We’ve found another one, a Japanese term which describes the lives of most of The Cut Crew perfectly. We hope The Readership know what we’re talking about.


There is a point in this article about a forgotten apolitical movement from Canada in the 30s which will pull you up short and instantly re-extrapolate certain fast-moving current events to a more creepy long-term historical context. You’ll know it when you hit it.

Viva The Technocracy

And finally, with some reference to the article above. The latest in our looks at alternative social networks visits The Midnight Pub, whose charming and avowedly old-school aesthetics may be just what we’re looking for.

The Midnight Pub

This week’s Exit Music seems almost too appropriate given the events of the last week. Mid to late 90s, we guess, a tune from an ep of MTV Unplugged. We’d never heard the song before. We suspect it’ll be played a lot over the next month or so.

See you next Saturday, fams.


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