The Cut — Issue 1

I’m in the process of figuring out a few things about this site and what I do with it. There are a lot of clever people out there who see the humble blog making something of a comeback. I guess that’s something of a kickback against social media platforms and their restrictions. On a blog you can say what you want, how you want.

I’ve been going back through the archives of the site (and there are a lot of them—I’ve been on WordPress since 2005, and Blogger for a few years before that). It’s interesting to see how X&HT started as a ‘web log’ in the truest sense of the word. That is, a way of sharing what you’d been up to on the web. To a point, early X&HT looked a lot like my Twitter stream—links, snarks and short-form thoughts.

I think there’s some benefit to that format. Once a week, therefore, I’m going to try and post out some of the things I’ve found of interest in my travels through the aetherscape. I hope you find it of benefit. Call it a kind of cuttings collection.

In fact, let’s just call it The Cut.

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2011: Blimey, Or The Year The News Broke

Those of you that have a traditional bent (I hear there are medical supports available for such things) might complain that I’ve left it a little late to roll out a review of the year just gone. No apologies here. I’ve been running on Tongan time lately, so not only did the days get away from me, one vanished completely without trace. Better late than never, as my bus driver never ceases to cheerfully remind me.

After the jump: the News In Big Pants Review of 2011.



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