The A To Z Of SFF: A Is For Ant-Man

There’s been a great deal of ant-icipation over the last part of Marvel’s Phase Two output. But never mind, now we can all enjoy the ant-ics of Paul Rudd and company.

What do Rob and Clive, marooned ten billion light years from home and 600 years in the future make of it all? Does the movie match the hype, or is it all just a bit of an ant-iclimax?


Devil In The Details: Ghost Rider vs. Marvel

I finally caught the 2007 version of Ghost Rider over the weekend, and gave it two searing-hot thumbs up. It had the proper balance of pulpy horror fun that made the original comics such a joy. But an episode back in the real world has overshadowed the release of the sequel, out on Friday–and this is one battle that Johnny Blaze, and the man that brought him to life, are set to lose.

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