The A To Z OF SFF: A Is For Asimov… again.

As anticipated, Cyclomedia wouldn’t let it lie. We’re back with more on the legendary Isaac Asimov, including a spin round the epic Foundation Saga, and a general muse about what it is that has made the author just such an enduring favourite.

I mean, even here in the 27th Century the guy’s a big deal.

The A To Z Of SFF: A Is For ASIMOV

It’s impossible to talk about SF without discussing Isaac Asimov. Rob and Clive tease out some of the themes and ideas in the Robot books, and we find out if CycloMedia knows or cares about the Three Laws Of Robotics.

We have the feeling this’ll go to a two-parter….

The A To Z Of SFF: A Is For America 3000

CycloMedia’s love for Chuck Wagner is coming out. He’s landed us with a forgotten classic in America 3000, a film with more hairspray than would be allowed in any movie after 1989.

Prepare for lumpen sexism and clunky, ill-thought out satire… and that’s just from Rob and Clive!

Why yes, you can enjoy the whole thing on YouTube. Please to enjoy.

The A To Z Of SFF: A Is For A.P.E.X.

A film that Rob couldn’t finish, a film that Clive hated. Coming out of the Avengers debacle, looks like CycloMedia isn’t going easy on us.

Join the hapless crew of the Ulysses, why doncha, as we try to find something nice to say about 90s time-travel clunker A.P.E.X.

Hey, why should we suffer alone? Come join the “fun.”


Alien. The movie that redefined SF horror and made the names of Sigourney Weaver and Ridley Scott. Is there anything more to say about this stone classic? Well, CycloMedia thinks there is, and it’s down to Rob and Clive to sort it out.